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In 2002 I left home to go and work in Italy. I had a backpack and a contract for 6 weeks work. 9 years later I moved back to the U.K and after nearly a decade of travel I was left with plenty of miles on my soul but no idea of what I was going to do with myself. So I made a list of what I wanted out of life and it looked like this:

I wanted to work for myself

I wanted to work by myself

I wanted to work in sports

I wanted to wear a tracksuit to work

And that was all I had to go on. I've always loved sports, particularly mixed martial arts, football, rugby and athletics, and I've always been fascinated by the human body. How it works, how it moves, how everything fits together. So sports massage was a natural fit! Whilst working at a local hospital I went to college in the evening to gain my VCTC Level 3 Sports Massage qualification and then returned for another year to study VCTC Level 4 Sports Massage. During this time I worked as team therapist at a local rugby club to hone my skills and launched Movement Restored.

I love what I do. I love thinking about people's muscular issues and how to fix them. I love the detective work that goes in to working out why a particular muscle isn't doing what it should. I love meeting new people everyday and talking about anatomy and how the body works. I love solving muscular mysteries and I love helping my clients get pain free and stay injury free. Most of all I love it when someone limps in to my treatment room and strolls out again. And I get to work for myself, on my own and I get to wear a tracksuit to work.

Away from the treatment table I'm a husband to Kim and a father to Rhys and Megan. When I’m not being these things I practice yoga and watch the UFC. I run when I can and I lift weights when I can. I play guitar, I love live music and live sports.

There’s more to a good therapist than just a good massage.
— Tom Davies