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When I first started practising massage, I had a very traditional approach. I worked in a gym, with lots of sports people and treated lots of ‘gym’ related issues. While studying the human body I started to realise that muscle problems could be more complicated than my approach allowed for.

The affects of everyday life play as much of a part in muscle tension as sports do. If you think about it, all sports are just names for specific movements put together in different ways and in varying intensities. Your body doesn’t know what we call things and it doesn’t care. It just knows tension, weakness or unexpected change. Once I started to think of the body in these terms, in terms of movement, then my approach completely changed.

I started to look at the body as a whole. What causes muscle pain? Where does restriction come from? How does weakness or imbalance develop? How does our life as individuals affect us and how big a role does our mentality and outlook play in recovery?

I started to explore different aspects of massage and movement to learn how they affect health. I started to study different styles of massage and incorporate them in to my sports massage practice. I started working on a whole different approach based on a combination of these new methods but still with sports massage as my base. All these different styles are tools to be used when necessary. Really, I’m looking to give the body what it needs to do its job. That job is to move freely and in the appropriate way for whatever situations life presents us with.

I still work with local gyms. I still work with athletes and sports people of all ages and abilities but really, I work with muscles. Muscles that are tired, inflamed, too long or too short but all just muscles. Sometimes these issues are caused by sport and sometimes by life, by work, by lifestyle or by accident. The approach to treatment is the same.

There is no reason to put up with pain. Your body knows what to do but in these busy, disconnected modern times it can get a bit confused and the process breaks down. By applying the right method at the right time, I can work to rebuild the muscle and mind connection and get your natural healing process back on track. Most importantly I want to relieve pain and get you back to moving freely as soon as possible. The way you choose to use that movement, is up to you.

I go further in to my holistic approach to physical wellness through my social media pages. If you’re interested in reading more you can find me on Instagram or Facebook by following the links on this site or searching for @movementrestored.

Your body doesn’t know the words. It’s all just movement
— Tom Davies