Functional Range Conditioning is a mobility training system that is based on the latest scientific principles. It is designed to bullet proof your body by giving it exactly what it needs to move better and feel better.

As a human you are very much operating in the wrong time. You’re essentially a hunter gatherer that has been transported into a modern version of life that really does not suit your body. As a hunter gatherer you would use every joint in your body, through its full range, several times every day, just to get food and navigate your environment. Now it is much more likely you spend eight hours sitting in an office and only moving through a limited range during the occasional gym session.

That is the exact reason why humans start to lose the ability to move creatively or without pain. It’s why you start creaking, start aching and start breaking down. It’s the reason why you need to put something in place to stop the decline and give your body the stimulus it needs to move better. To move as designed, with freedom and without pain.

To do this we focus on three main areas of human movement: mobility, joint strength, and body control.


is the active amount of usable range that you have at each joint. If all your joints are moving effectively and efficiently then they will all work together to create better movement.

Joint Strength

is how we create that improvement. We can build strength in key areas to bullet proof your body and allow it to do what you need it to.

Body Control

is how your nervous system learns to bring all this new information together. The more control you have over your body, the more you can ask from it.

We start by assessing each joint to work out exactly what is working and what is not and to check for compensations or restrictions. We always start with whatever needs the most work and build up from there. I can use the findings from your assessment to build a mobility training plan specific to your body. My aim here will always be to make your body stronger in key areas. I will also show you a daily routine that you can do at home to keep your existing range while we work together to improve it.

Your body doesn’t know specific sport or activity, it just knows movement. The better you can control your body, the better it will move, the easier life will be.

FRC was developed by world-renowned musculoskeletal, and human movement expert Dr. Andreo Spina and is used all over the world by leading sports teams and brands.

1:1 Movement Coaching

60-minute sessions purchased in blocks of 4 - £140 or 8 - £280 (£35 each)

In your first session we discuss your goals and assess your needs. We also go through the daily routine that you will take away to maintain your existing joint health. After this initial assessment I can make a plan that is based on your body that we will work on over the next few sessions or however long you wish to train with me for.

You will get access to my video library so you can practice at home with all the relevant cues and you’ll get worksheets to keep a record of your exercises, reps and sets. You’ll get a copy of my handbook which is essentially a movement bible! It has all the relevant information about mobility training as well as detailed information about anatomy, functional movement and all aspects of physical health that affect the way you move. It covers all of my tips, tricks and lifestyle hacks to improve your day to day movement diet and help you fully embrace movement culture.

Each week we will continue to work through your plan, add different and more complex exercises and continue to practice and improve your daily routine. I can monitor your progress and adjust your programme as needed. Consistency is key to making change to the human body so if we can keep the sessions weekly and you can get some practice in at home then you will see the best results.

There will be plenty of time to answer any questions and talk the whole process through as we work. It’s important to me that you learn about how your body moves whilst practicing the strategies that will improve how that movement happens. Education is a huge part of how I work, and I believe that understanding more about how your body is designed to function is vital for you to get more control of it.