Sports massage is a natural therapy that has been used to treat muscular problems for thousands of years. It's an ancient art being used in modern times. It works on many levels and is an incredibly versatile and effective way of taking care of the human body.

Sports massage isn’t just for athletes. It can help with any muscular aches, pains or strains regardless of whether they happened in the gym, on the pitch or at home or in the garden. Massage can help with specific injuries and muscle pain. As well as tension headaches, bad backs, postural issues, sprains and tears. It can be a gateway to increased flexibility and improved sleep and it’s a great way to relax and de-stress the body.

There is no reason to put up with pain. Your body knows what to do but in these busy, disconnected modern times it can get a bit confused and the process breaks down. By applying the right method at the right time, I can work to rebuild the muscle and mind connection and get your natural healing process back on track. Most importantly I want to relieve pain and get you back to moving freely as soon as possible. The way you choose to use that movement, is up to you. 

The holistic approach to physical wellness


Level 4 Sports Massage

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Thai Yoga Massage

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