Sports massage is a natural therapy that has been used to treat muscular problems for thousands of years. It's an ancient art being used in modern times. It works on many levels and is an incredibly versatile and effective way of taking care of the human body.

I often think the name 'sports massage' is misleading because it's not just for people involved in sports and it's much more specific than standard massage therapy. Sports massage will help anyone deal with the effects of physical activity, which is anything that puts a physical strain on the body. Running, walking, cycling, lifting. Jumping, punching, kicking. Reaching, bending, kneeling.

Anything that makes your muscles move.

Sports massage to me is about tuning in to the human body, it's a study of how the body functions and how it dysfunctions. It's about figuring out the tension in your muscles and releasing it, it's using the right technique in the right place to put things back to normal, it's about pain free living and promoting natural movement. It's about creating space in your body to allow you to heal. It's about treating the cause not the symptoms.

Basically, sports massage helps to push the reset button on the musculoskeletal system and reverse the side effects of modern life.

Pain is pain. It doesn’t matter where you picked it up.
— Tom Davies