10 Things I've learnt so far as a full time therapist

10 Things I've learnt so far as a full time therapist

This month marks 6 months since I left my job at the NHS to go full time with Movement Restored. Half a year feels like a marker in the sand, a good opportunity to reflect on what I’ve done and what I’ve learned so far. I said when I started that I’d make sure to take the time to enjoy the journey rather than worry about where it’s going so now feels like a good time to do just that.

I’ve listed 10 things I’ve learned so far. I could have listed loads more but these are the lessons that really stand out.

The Generalist Method

The Generalist Method

When it comes to fitness I consider myself a generalist. I’m not sure that’s really a proper term but it kind of sums up my approach to my own physical health. I run but I’m not a runner. I do some CrossFit but I’m not a CrossFitter. I lift weights but I’m not a bodybuilder. I do yoga but I’m not a yogi.

So what am I and do I have to be anything at all?

Spiritual Health and Naughties American Rock

Spiritual Health and Naughties American Rock

Being spiritual is pretty fashionable at the moment and if you weren’t sure what being spiritual involved and only had social media as a reference you would probably come to the conclusion that it involved lots of yoga, meditation, veganism, constant self love, doing handstands in scenic spots and maybe growing a big beard. This isn’t what I think of as spiritual health, this is the Instagram version.  You don’t have to be spiritual to work on your spiritual health and just the term ‘spiritual’ tends to get people rolling their eyes and switching off.

My version is probably not what you think.

Sink or Swim - Learning to swim in a week

Sink or Swim - Learning to swim in a week

I would describe my ability to swim as more of an ability to not drown on holiday.  I’m comfortable in the water but I can’t cover any distance.  I can swim for survival but not for sport, which has always bugged me. How can I consider myself part of the movement culture if I don’t explore this basic human movement?  Can I still call myself a mover if I can’t swim?  Plus, what use is a Daddy that can’t swim! I want to play with my children in the water and I want to keep them safe in the water so the need to learn has been getting stronger and stronger. I’ve just spent a week in France on a family holiday.  The house we were in had a pool, so I set myself the challenge of learning to swim in a week. 

Yoga - what it means to me.

Yoga - what it means to me.

Most people, me included, start yoga to get more flexible.  For me yoga isn’t really about that.  Flexibility is a beautiful side effect of regular yoga but it’s the journey towards improved movement that really connected with me.  It’s that journey that helped me figure out what yoga means to me.  It’s that journey that keeps me coming back to the mat and it’s that journey that I love and sometimes hate in equal measure. 

Make sense?  Nope, didn’t think so! It’s hard to explain but this blog is about what yoga means to me.

CrossFit - My thoughts on the 'Sport of Fitness'.

CrossFit - My thoughts on the 'Sport of Fitness'.

I’m a huge fan of CrossFit.  To be more specific, I’m a huge fan of CrossFit done well.  I’ll happily recommend the sport to anyone who is interested, and I think everyone should try it at least once.  I’m not a Crossfitter but I have done CrossFit and plenty of it.  I still train in a box and my coach is a CrossFit coach, so I do know what I’m talking about, I just don’t do it anymore. 

So why do I love it so much?

Welcome to Movement Rethought Blog!

Welcome to Movement Rethought!  A blog to look at all things movement related.

Life keeps moving and we keep moving with it, sometimes it does us good to rethink.





noun: movement; plural noun: movements; noun: bowel movement; plural noun: bowel movements


an act of moving.

"a slight movement of the body"


a change or development.

"the movement towards greater sexual equality"


development, change, fluctuation, rise, fall, variation


The word movement means different things to different people.  It’s meaning is individual and likely to change as time passes and life changes.  When I use the term ‘movement’ I think of it in the context of life.  When the body moves an insane amount of tiny actions take place, cells move, neurons fire, blood pumps, muscles and bones and ligaments and tendons all fire up and work together.  It’s a combination of things working together, small actions creating big movements.

Everyday life is like that as well.  We all have to co-exist with each other and the world around us.  We have to ebb and flow, give and take, adjust and push, just to get through each day. You can love and hate your family at the same time, relationships flow and grow or fall away, work colleagues have to find a balance and adjust to get things done, your own mental state has to stay fluid, to rise and fall to balance your body every second of every day and what you do to your body directly affects your mental state.

It’s all movement and when we view the world in terms of movement, we can apply it to everything and everyone.  This blog is just me exploring movement.  It might be in terms of the physical, the mental or the spiritual.  It might be profound, and it might be nonsense.  People might read it and they might not.  It’s a way for me to express myself that doesn’t directly relate to massage, body work and yoga.  It’s all just a collection of thoughts and it might give you a bit more of an idea about me and my approach.  It might not, and that’s cool too.  Have a read, keep an open mind and if you feel the need to let me know what you think then please do.