Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at a typical session?

We always start with a bit of a chat about your issue, when is started, what it feels like, where it is. If it’s appropriate we might do a few tests to identify a specific muscle or set a baseline for the treatment. From there I’ll talk you through my plan for your session and let you know what I’m going to do, why I’m going to do it and how it will all work. The majority of the session will be spent on massage/body work/soft tissue work and some assisted stretching if it fits in with the treatment plan. I always set you some homework to carry on the effects of treatment so we’ll finish up by going through a few stretches or mobility protocols that you can take away with you. I always make sure there’s time for questions and to go over anything you need.

Does massage hurt?

Massage does have a bit of a reputation for being painful but I believe that some of the methods that have started this reputation are outdated or used incorrectly.  I honestly believe that the human body responds better to a more subtle approach and it is always better to work with the body rather than against it. I have one foot in the sporting world and the other in the yoga world so I have a very different take on what the body needs to heal itself.  In fitness we tend to force our bodies to change while in yoga we allow our bodies to change and this feeds itself into my massage practice.

I would describe some techniques as uncomfortable and maybe even invasive but this really does depend on the client and the issue.  Every client is treated as an individual and any deep tissue work is only done when necessary and with full consent and discussion. I have a huge range of techniques to use to avoid painful sessions.  You need to be relaxed for your tissue to change and your comfort is my priority.

Do I have to get undressed?

You will be covered up as much as possible. I always have clean towels to cover over the area I am working with and we only expose a body part whilst I’m working on it and then cover over when we’re done. I always explain the process in full before we start and I always leave the room for your privacy. Ultimately, it’s about you being comfortable in the space, that’s how to get the best results from the treatment and keep the session relaxed for us both.

How long is a session?

Typically 1 hour. I can do a 90 minute session on request if you have more than one issue or if you’re traveling from further away.

What should I wear?

Whatever you feel comfortable in. It doesn’t make much difference really, if you’re in for a leg issue then it’s handy to have shorts or something you can remove easily.

Do we talk during a session?

That’s up to you. I often find it puts a client at ease if we chat and I do like to explain what I’m doing and why. It can be useful for me to chat as sometimes we might stumble across something that is going on in your life that’s playing a part in your muscular pain that didn’t come up in our initial assessment. I also understand that sometimes you will want to just switch off for an hour and relax and that’s cool too.

Will I be tender afterwards?

Maybe. Tenderness is common for anywhere up to 72 hours after massage. Not everyone experiences this and it has no bearing on whether the treatment has worked or not. Any tenderness afterwards will not be an extension of the pain that you came in with and will not affect your movement. Drinking plenty of water and applying heat is a great way to manage any after effects.

How many treatments will I need?

That depends on a lot of things! Sometimes it takes one session sometimes it takes a few. It can depend on how severe your problem is and how long you’ve had the problem. It can depend on how whether you follow my aftercare advice after the session. I like to think of it as a ratio. If you’ve had a pain for 6 months and get 1 hour of massage then we could well need to balance out that ratio to solve your problem! I’m confident you’ll see some benefit after the first session. I’ll do my best to help you quickly and I’ll always tell you if I don’t think what I do is working for you.

Can I exercise straight after?

I can’t tell you what to do and you know your body better than anyone but I always advise taking the rest of the treatment day as a rest day and even the following day if possible. This to let the effects of the treatment sink in and allow the natural healing methods of your body to fully take place. Your body needs to be in a certain state to prepare for physical activity, this state is pretty much completely the opposite to what I’m trying to achieve. Jumping between these states too quickly is a great way to cause more damage in your muscles.

When should I avoid massage?

There are several medical conditions that we would need a letter of consent from your G.P before treatment, these are along the lines of cancer, high blood pressure and a few others.  Any skin complaints can be an issue if they are affecting the area we need to work on. If you are taking any pain killers then you need to take a break before any bodywork can take place.  I would avoid massage if you plan to be under the influence of drink or drugs.

Is there parking?

Yes. You can park right next to the building, it’s fully lit at night and there is CCTV on every side.

Cash or card?

Cash is fine.  Unfortunately I am not in a position to take card payments at the moment but I am working on it!  I do have PayPal and I’m happy to give you my bank details to transfer.

What if I have to cancel?

I completely understand that life can easily get in the way of appointments and I’m very relaxed about cancellations. All I ask is that you give me as much notice as possible. I don’t have a deposit system and take all bookings in good faith.