Building better runners from the ground up

Running Fundamentals is a mobility & strength based program designed specifically for runners of all abilities.

Key Objectives

After working with hundred’s of runners over the years I started seeing the same issues coming up again and again, regardless of distance or ability.

It doesn’t matter if you are an ultra runner or a regular at the Park Run, your anatomy is being asked to move in the same way.

The repetitive movement of running uses the same muscles, ligaments and tenons, in the same way, over and over again.

I have created a training plan, specifically for runners, that will help you to build strength and improve mobility in the main joints and muscles that are used when you run.

Building running specific strength can help you to avoid the common aches and pains that get in the way of running and put your body in a much better place to put the miles in.

Mobility & Strength based training for runners.

I want to help you to build a strong, mobile and robust body that can do more of the things you want it to do.  

Running Fundamentals is a comprehensive training plan designed to give you more control over your body, identify areas of weakness and progressively build strength and improve your range of motion in the muscles that you use to run.

The program can be incorporated with any existing training and all the exercises can be done anywhere and without any equipment.  

All movements are explained and demonstrated with detailed videos.

Running Fundamentals is suitable for all ages and abilities and is designed to create solid movement foundations at the same time as teaching you how to build on them.


Running Fundamentals

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  • Build a program that works for you
  • Detailed exercise videos
  • All ages and abilities
  • No equipment needed
  • Will complement any current training plan
  • Running specific exercises
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“Remember, If something hurts when you run, that's an anatomy issue and not a running issue. Solve the problem with your anatomy and you can run as much as you like.”