Sports Massage in Wirral

Sports Massage in New Brighton

I often think that the name ‘Sports Massage’ is misleading because it’s not just for people involved in sport and it’s much more specific than standard massage therapy.  Sports Massage will help anyone deal with the effects of physical activity, which is anything that puts a physical strain on the body.

Running, walking, cycling, lifting.  Reaching, kneeling, bending.  Anything that makes your muscles move.

Sports massage to me is about tuning in to the human body.  It’s a study of how it functions and dysfunctions.  It’s about figuring out the tension in your muscles and letting it go.  It’s about using the right technique, in the right place to put things back to how they were.

It’s about pain free living and promoting natural, human movement.

Massage gives you the time and space to reconnect your mind to your body and start the healing process.  It allows you to focus on YOU for a change.

Improvements in pain and movement help to keep you positive and the increased blood flow helps your muscles to heal.  It gives you more space in your body to move in to and releases hormones that help you sleep.  This process will slow your heart rate and calm your nervous system, this helps you to relax.

Basically, it brings a lot of what your body needs in to one place and helps to push the reset button on the effects of modern life.

Benefits include:  pain relief, reduced muscle tension, stress relief, healing of tissue damage, improved sleep quality, improved circulation, helps with DOMS.

Sports Massage

60-minute session £35

We always start with a conversation about what you need from the session and what to expect.  If it’s appropriate we can test specific muscle groups to set a treatment baseline.

From there I’ll talk you through my treatment plan and explain what I will be doing and why.  The majority of the session will be spent on sports massage, body work and soft tissue therapy with some assisted stretching if needed.

We’ll complete the session by going over any necessary aftercare, stretching or movement routines.

I always make sure there is plenty of time for you to ask any questions and go over anything you might need to follow up on the session.