Yoga Coaching in Wirral

Bringing Sports Yoga to the Wirral

How we move is everything. The human body is designed in a very specific way, but modern life has a habit of pulling us out of alignment. This usually comes down to environment and you should be able to navigate your own environment fluidly and without pain. Work, lifestyle, stress, sport, training, or any other aspect of daily life has an effect. Even gravity is chipping away at our bodies, changing our posture and affecting our movement patterns. We get pushed and pulled out of alignment, dysfunction sets in and that’s where pain and injury start to creep in.

It’s easy to blame age or injury because it lets us off the hook. The fact of the matter is, if you don’t use your body to its full potential, on a regular basis, then you lose that ability.

On top of this, modern life is linear. We move in the same directions, in the same ways. Very rarely do we practice any so called unusual or unconventional movement. Even in the gym we tend to follow the same routines, in the same order. We might change intensity or rep ranges, but the movement patterns stay the same. If these patterns aren’t right, we end up drilling them repeatedly.

I have an incredible knowledge of alignment and anatomy and have studied Sports Yoga under Sarah Ramsden who spent 15 years working with Manchester United, Manchester City, the England national side and Reebok. I am an accredited, specialist sports yoga teacher and one of only a few hundred people worldwide who hold this qualification. Sports Yoga is a functional movement practice. It’s based on traditional yoga but focused on anatomy, correction and specific stretches to balance the body. It’s very technical and very effective. My coaching is inspired by yoga and informed by my knowledge of the human body.

Yoga Coaching

60-minute sessions purchased in blocks of 4 - £140 (£35 each)

Depending on what your body needs, I will design a sequence that we can practice togther and as your body responds and your movement improves I can update the routine to keep this improvement going. I will guide you throughout the each session with all the releveant coaching instructions for you body to get the most out of each pose and adjustments where needed. Each session will focus on a mixture of flexibility, stability, strength and stretching to help you get the most out of your body.

This is ideal for anyone who is curious about yoga and not sure where to start, anyone who would rather practice away from a class environment or anyone who is looking for an insight in to movement and really wanting to get an understanding of how the body functions.